Coating materials and substrates

Coating materials

By means of our coatings we are capable of modifying and enhancing the properties of various substrates. Through the implementation of sputter technology we are able to deposit a wide range of metals and alloys.

In the following you will find a selection of coating materials which we use:

  • aluminum (Al)
  • chrome (Cr)
  • iron (Fe)
  • gold (Au)
  • copper (Cu)
  • molybdenum (Mo)
  • palladium (Pd)
  • silver (Ag)
  • titanium (Ti)
  • tin (Sn)

different alloys e.g.:

  • NiCr
  • CuAl
  • constantan
  • monel
  • alloys for gold colours

and an overview of the related property improvements:

  optical properties increase in reflection, decoration effects
  electrical properties improvement of conductivity, shielding of electromagnetic radiation
  thermal properties insulation, sun protection
  chemical properties achievement of herbicidal or antibacterial effects of the substrate
  adhesion properties in addition to the inline plasma pretreatment different adhesion-providing intercoatings also lead to an optimization of the layer adhesion
  barrier properties prevention of gases and moistness diffusing through the substrate




Theoretically we are capable of coating all flexible substrates in form of rolls which are vacuum

compatible, i.e. do not develop too much gas in vacuum. 
The table below shows a selection of substrates which we coat:


Substrates material

thickness / weight per unit area

films (Folien)


8 - 400 µ

non-wovens (Vliese)


15 - 350 g/m 2

wovens (Gewebe)

PETP, PA, Glas

> 20 - 200 g/m 2

If your requested coating material or substrate isn´t listed please feel free to inquire us. 

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